What's it like working at iStreamPlanet?

We're powering the next generation of entertainment.
Sound like fun? It is.

Everyday we're working to build the solutions to power the entertainment experiences of tomorrow for the biggest media brands in the market including our partner Turner Broadcasting. The way we watch our favorite TV, movies, news and sports is changing every day and iStreamPlanet is at the forefront of the industry.

We're known for our innovations in live streaming record-breaking events such as the Olympics and the Super Bowl. We're working hand in hand with the industry's technology leaders including Apple, Microsoft, Akamai, and Google. Whether it's broadcast, media processing, cloud, software, security, or monetization we're ready to learn and teach.

We work with the biggest and the best, but we're still a small and growing company, less than 100 employees actually. Because we're small we can be fast and efficient. There are no layers to go through, you decide, you act, you move.

We all work together to get a lot done in a short amount of time and that leaves time to kick back and hang out together, get home to our families for dinner, jump on our bikes, or get in a workout. Here's what it's like to live a day in the life at iStreamplanet for a Software Engineer, and a Media Software Developer.

“You can see how your work affects others each day and see your efforts help push the business forward. Opportunities for advancement are nearly endless.”

“Lots of opportunity to build a career, plenty of headroom in a variety of roles across technical, operations, management.”

“Lots of new stuff happening literally every day, working with the biggest media brands out there.”

  • Small teams move quickly.

  • Bowling night with the Las Vegas team.

  • Just finished a live broadcast.

  • Playing it cool.

  • Go team planet! Photo take during live stream of Superbowl XLIX.

  • Friday beer-thirty after a long week of crunching code.

  • A great place to learn, grow and advance your career.

Career Growth

It's not just a fun place to work, it's a smart career move. iStreamPlanet is set for big growth with a big investment from Turner Broadcasting and an ambitious strategy to greatly expand our current portfolio of products and services. There's a lot of opportunity to explore new areas, take on greater responsibilities, and take advantage of our flat organization to have visibility, access and impact across the business.

Competitive Benefits

iStreamPlanet provides all full-time employees a competitive benefits package that includes healthcare, PTO, paid holidays, matching 401K program and more.