iStreamPlanet has a new office in South Lake Union (pictures)

Here’s one for the history books. iStreamPlanet has been busily adding new people, new products and expanding our services – to the point that we’ve outgrown our Redmond location and moved into the big city! We now have offices in Las Vegas and in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. The new Seattle office is in the Hill7 Building at the corner of Boren and Stewart, about a five minute walk from Pacific Place.

Stop in and say “hi” – until then, check out the pictures from our big move.


Welcome to our new home


We loved our offices in Redmond, but our team and offerings were growing fast, so we had to move to a bigger space.


Let’s take a tour, shall we?


Let’s start here in the kitchen, where all the cool people hang out during parties.


The move required a lot of quality time with bubble wrap


Please don’t burst my bubble… Okay, okay, you can burst just one of my bubbles.


We put things up high


We got stand up desks, we got sit down desks. Treadmill desks? We don’t got.


We put things down low


The floors are so clean you could take a nap down there.


So roomy


The new office has lots of natural light. Which is good, especially if you’re a plant.


It’s very important to stay hydrated


Moving is hard work! Be sure to drink lots of fluids.


Wasting no time


Already working on our expanding offerings of products and services.


A great space for a meetup


Everyday is a hackathon at iStreamPlanet.


Small teams big innovations


We built out a row of tidy little meeting rooms — perfect for collaborating. We’re definitely bigger now, but we’re keeping it real on the startup vibe.


There’s even a view of Lake Union


Technically speaking you can see the lake. Generally speaking the view is pretty sweet.


See that little patch of bluish grey?


That’s the lake!


Getting every detail just right


Sharpies in every color, line thickness and scent.


Nap time


Good show sir! Enjoy your well-deserved nappy poo.


There’s a stylin cafe down in the lobby


Beer, juice, coffee and…




There goes my productivity for the month.


South Lake Union is changing fast


It’s an exciting time to be in this part of town.


Slide the bar back and forth (before and after)


Special thanks to Christian Carroll for the photos.