Turner Strikes Deal for iStreamPlanet


Mio Babic, CEO and founder, iStreamPlanet

We are excited to share the news that earlier today Turner Broadcasting System announced they are acquiring a majority stake in iStreamPlanet. Turner has been an iStreamPlanet investor, customer and partner for years and we’re very excited about this next chapter in our growing relationship and what this means for our customers.

From today’s release:

Turner Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Martin said: “We’ve worked with iStreamPlanet in the past during the PGA Championship and they have also delivered world-class events such as the 2015 Super Bowl and 2014 Sochi Olympics to millions of viewers. There is no one better in the business. This partnership will expand our capabilities to offer live events within and outside of the traditional ecosystem and, by bringing iStreamPlanet’s innovative technology in-house, allow us to cultivate future business opportunities on digital platforms.”

“Turner is a media powerhouse with tremendous reach via their entertainment and live sports programming, and strong relationships with advertisers,” said Mio Babic, CEO and founder of iStreamPlanet. “They have been a recognized innovator in the media industry, breaking ground first in cable and then in TV Everywhere. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to accelerate our growth and expand our portfolio of multiplatform OTT solutions to meet the changing needs of content owners and consumers.”

As the OTT industry evolves and grows, iStreamPlanet is evolving and growing as well. This partnership gives us new resources to invest aggressively in furthering the build out of our engineering and operations teams, to innovate and bring to market the next generation of products and services to help Turner and all of our media customers accelerate their multiplatform OTT strategies.

It has been a fifteen year journey, and there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of this dynamic industry.

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