Sochi 2014

The first Olympics with end-to-end streaming delivered via the cloud

iStreamPlanet - Winter Olympics 2014
NBC Sports Group accomplished a tremendous feat by streaming
every event of the 2014 Winter Olympics live from Russia.

"The Sochi Winter Games took place in the largest country in the world with the most events ever, and we are pleased that Americans overwhelmingly chose to bring us into their living rooms - and onto their laptops, tablets and mobile devices - for what was an exhilarating and gratifying 18 days."

- Mark Lazarus
NBC Sports Group Chairman

Not our first trip to the rodeo

This certainly isn't the first time that the Olympics have been delivered online, iStreamPlanet has been streaming the Olympics to connected viewers since the 2008 games in Beijing. What makes this Olympics unique is that it was the first time it was delivered via the cloud using Aventus and Azure Media services for the ingest, encoding, packaging and publishing of all 41 live feeds, from Sochi to connected US viewers who watched the games on their PCs, tablets, Macs, and smartphones.

There was no such product on the market so we built one

…we needed a radically new and innovative product that would bring all of these live video workflow components together in software, capable of running on commodity hardware in a virtual environment while being completely aware of that virtual environment with the capability to orchestrate resources and provide the level of resiliency and fault tolerance required to run an event of Olympic proportions.
We also needed a cloud which would give us scale and a worldwide geographical footprint along with the commitment to tailor the infrastructure to meet complex media requirements. As there was no such product on the market we embarked on an amazing journey to build one and after just two years brought Aventus to the market."

- Mio Babic, CEO,

The world's first built for the cloud live video workflow

The Sochi Olympics revealed to the world the world's first built for the cloud live video workflow solution. Contrary to anything we've see on the market today, the entire video workflow has been fully automated via APIs, from the moment an event gets scheduled, to the playback on all target devices. One channel, 41 channels or 100s of live channels and events are spun up in matter of seconds, not hours, days or months, and because of all the telemetry, QoS, fault tolerance, resiliency and self-healing features we built into Aventus, something that was inherently complex has now become easy and cost effective to operate.

Taking advantage of the scalability and flexibility of Aventus NBC Sports Group was able to stream more live content to more devices, pulling in a larger viewership resulting in record breaking numbers for the broadcaster with over 10.8 million hours of streaming delivered over 18 days.

The largest "TV Everywhere" verified streaming audience in U.S. history

TV Everywhere played an important role during the Sochi Olympic Games with verification rates being significantly higher than the 2012 London Olympic Games. The Feb. 21 verified live stream of the Olympic men’s ice hockey semifinal between the United States and Canada, which Team Canada won 1-0, generated more than 2.1 million unique users (2.122 million) – believed to be the largest “TV Everywhere” verified streaming audience in U.S. history and ranking #1 in unique users for any NBC Sports Digital stream.

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