Live Multiscreen Dynamic Ad Insertion

Draw together fractionalized audiences to create big opportunities


Content owners are monetizing their live streams by delivering and tracking ads in their multiscreen live content. Replacing network and local affiliate ads with demographically or individually targeted ads drives up the value of the in-stream advertising and provides a more satisfying viewer experience. Tracking played ads is critical to the advertiser in ensuring that their ad was seen by the audience.

Advertising in Aventus

iStreamPlanet has been helping content owners monetize their live streams for years by delivering technology and services to enable live dynamic ad insertion (DAI). The advertising features in Aventus help content owners overcome many of the technical challenges in delivering and tracking live, in-stream ads (mid-rolls) at both the national and the local level, so they can meet their business goals and advertiser requirements.

Dynamic Ad Insertion Features

  • SCTE-35 support
  • Automated slate insertion
  • Slate insertion API
  • Ad marker insertion API
  • Nielsen audience metrics

Nielsen Metrics Workflow


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Live, Multiscreen Dynamic Ad Insertion

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