Atlas DRM

Scalable cloud service for content protection

Atlas DRM allows iStreamPlanet customers to securely deliver media to millions of users on dozens of the most popular playback devices.

Why Atlas DRM?

We at iStreamPlanet understand what it means to successfully distribute premium video content at scale. With over 15 years of experience, iStreamPlanet has seen the complexity that arises from multiple systems integration and all the requirements for large-scale video distribution. In order to simplify and scale content protection across all necessary systems – encoding, packaging, CDN distribution, policy & entitlement, and client player integrations – we created Atlas DRM.

Atlas DRM is available to premium content owners and distributors, either in conjunction with the Aventus encoding and packaging platform, or as a stand-alone content protection solution.

Atlas DRM allows content owners to scale their business up or down, accommodating planned growth and variable demand without upfront capital, dedicated hardware resources, or long deployment times.

One Stop Integration

  • Easy with Aventus encoding and packaging
  • Less risk, single point of integration for encryption and packaging
  • Integrate once, get all four mainstream DRM
  • Faster deployment

Proven Cloud Based

  • Scalable to handle variable demand
  • 99.9% availability
  • Cross-region, redundant systems
  • 24/7 operations support

Strong Cryptographic Foundation

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Sample-AES packaging standards

Easy Client Player Integration

  • Straigtforward integration with mainstream DRM SDKs
  • Fewer dependencies to manage in your player apps

Full support for mainstream DRM platforms

  • 1. The Encoder / Packager receives content, either live stream or file based.
  • 2. The Encoder / Packager requests a key from Atlas DRM.
  • 3. Atlas DRM generates a key according to the DRM specification(s).
  • 4. The Encoder / Packager uses the key to encrypt the content before publishing.
  • A. When a user wants to play a video, the Player gets a cryptographic token with permissions related to the user account and content.
  • B. The Player passes the token to Atlas DRM requesting a license.
  • C. Atlas DRM checks the token and returns a license according to the policy and DRM specification.
  • D. The Player uses the license to decrypt, enforce any policies, and then playback the requested video.

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DRM Platform and Device Support

Supports the four mainstream DRM vendors: FairPlay, Widevine, Primetime, and PlayReady which enables viewing on popular device platforms, including desktop browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), mobile devices (iOS, Windows, Android phones/tablets), and connected devices (AppleTV, Roku, FireTV, Chromecast)

Policy and Entitlement Integration

Atlas DRM uses a token based entitlement system which can be integrated with any client. Licenses can be issued both using default built-in policies (e.g., Primetime, Widevine), token based policy triggers (e.g., FairPlay), or using custom policies specified by the customer.

24/7 Operations Support

24/7 operations center with expert operations staff with rapid response abilities. Because iStreamPlanet is an expert across all aspects of content delivery, the operations staff is expert and agile at helping to troubleshoot issues should they arise.

Auto Scaling

Fully redundant cloud-based system spanning multiple geographic locations and available world-wide. Variable demand is handled through automatic scaling, capable of returning millions of concurrent license requests.

Monitoring and Reporting

Includes monitoring, auditing, and reporting related to key generation and licensing services. Reporting includes details on usage across a range of dimensions as well as the performance of the system.

Trusted by Leading Brands

With over 15 years of experience streaming premium video experiences at high scale, iStreamPlanet’s Atlas DRM builds on a proven, reliable platform. Atlas DRM is available worldwide and is supported by iStreamPlanet’s 24x7 operations center.

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Atlas DRM Fact Sheet

Detailed information about Atlas DRM

* The customer may need additional licensing agreement with Adobe, Google, Apple, or Microsoft designating iStreamPlanet as the licensing provider.

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