Live Linear Multiscreen TV

Broadcast all of your channels to all devices and reach your viewers wherever they are

Simulcast, live linear streaming, TV operator OTT services, TV Everywhere… whatever you call it one thing is certain: viewers want their live broadcast channels on all of their devices, and they’re willing to switch their live TV providers in order to get it. iStreamPlanet can help you architect a live linear multiscreen solution to add multiple screens to your existing broadcast workflow.

Managed Live Linear Channels

From acquisition to analytics, iStreamPlanet can provide a full set of managed services to accelerate your live linear, multiscreen TV deployment. Our team of broadcast operations experts will work with you to acquire your live linear sources feeds, configure, manage and monitor your channels using our Aventus service, 24/7/365.

Live video workflow design

iStreamPlanet’s team of broadcast engineers will help design an end to end live video workflow to help you solve your biggest live linear streaming challenges including content acquisition, multi bitrate, multi device encoding and packaging, ad replacement, and delivery strategies.

Live channel acquisition

iStreamPlanet can acquire your live broadcast feed via satellite or video fiber or straight IP.

Live channel media processing

Create channels quickly using the Aventus SaaS with encoding presets to deliver channels in HLS, HDS, RTMP and Smooth to reach the broadest footprint of devices.

Advanced features

Aventus includes advanced features to support multiscreen broadcast including DRM, ad replacement, closed captions, subtitles, slate insertion and even multilanguage support.

CDN delivery

iStreamPlanet is closely partnered with all leading CDNs to help you secure the most efficient and cost effective delivery solutions, fully integrated and tested, including multi CDN strategies for added reliability.


Viewer behavior, quality of service and advertising analytics including Neilsen OTT ad ratings are available so you can track traffic, geographic distribution, duration, bandwidth, and ad viewership to help inform key business decisions and deliver valuable information to advertisers and sponsors.

Self-Managed Live Linear Channels

For broadcasters and distributors who only require multiscreen ingest, processing and publishing iStreamPlanet offers the Aventus service to quickly and cost-effectively stream live linear channels to multiple devices.

Flexible ingest options

Aventus supports MPEG2-TS or RTMP pull from a CDN

Multiscreen media processing

You get all the options for multiscreen outputs including HLS, HDS, RTMP and Smooth streams to reach the broadest footprint of devices.

Transparent pricing

Unlike other cloud-based services Aventus allows for live linear, 24/7 streaming with easy per channel per month pricing that includes all output formats at full HD, 1080p resolution.

Advanced features

Even with self-provisioned channels you can take advantage of all of the advanced channel features in Aventus such as DRM, closed captions, subtitles, slate insertion and multi-language support.

Aventus support

The Aventus support team is standing-by 24/7 to resolve any issues in creating, processing or publishing your live event.

Learn more about Aventus

Contact the iStreamPlanet team to set up a free consultation on live streaming broadcast channels.

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Live Linear Multiscreen TV

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