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Nobody has more experience than iStreamPlanet when it comes to live streaming events

From the Olympics to concerts to corporate keynotes, nobody has more experience than iStreamPlanet when it comes to live streaming events. For over a decade iStreamPlanet has been powering multiscreen, live events streaming for the biggest names in media, entertainment, and technology.

Managed Live Events

Using the Aventus live streaming service, our team of broadcast operations experts will work with your production, events, and digital media teams to manage your multiscreen live event broadcast from planning and coordination, testing the end to end workflow and managing and monitoring throughout the event.

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Live event source acquisition

iStreamPlanet can acquire your live event feeds from practically any corner of the globe via satellite, video fiber, IP backhaul, RTMP, or a combination of transport methods.

Multiscreen media processing

Once we’ve acquired the content we’ll use Aventus to process the video for delivery to multiple devices including decoding, transcoding, packaging, securing and publishing in HLS, HDS, RTMP and Smooth to reach the broadest footprint of devices.

CDN delivery

iStreamPlanet is closely partnered with all leading CDNs to help you secure the most efficient and cost effective delivery solutions, fully integrated and tested, including multiCDN strategies for added reliability.

Multiplatform video player

Many features of the live video workflow including content protection, analytics, and advertising often require both client and server components are developed to work together. iStreamPlanet can provide a live streaming player or we can work with your existing players and apps to ensure compatibility across the live event workflow.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Live events have the power to pull together fractionalized audiences creating ideal advertising opportunities. Pre-roll and mid-roll dynamic ad insertion is fully supported in Aventus.

Advanced features

Aventus includes advanced features such as closed captions, subtitles, slate insertion and multilanguage support.


Viewer behavior and quality of service analytics can be provided so you can track traffic, geographic distribution, duration, bandwidth, and the overall viewer experience to help inform key business decisions.


You will have a dedicated support team to support your entire live video workflow, from acquisition to analytics.

Self-Managed Live Events

For broadcasters who are looking for a more cost-effective workflow and are able to provide their own content acquisition iStreamPlanet offers Aventus as a self-managed option.

Flexible ingest options

Aventus supports MPEG2-TS or RTMP pull from a CDN ingest

Multiscreen media processing

You get all the options for multiscreen outputs including HLS, HDS, RTMP and Smooth streams to reach the broadest footprint of devices.

Flexible pricing models

Aventus can be provisioned by the hour or if you have multiple live events you can purchase a channel for a low monthly rate. Choose the model that works best for your business.

Advanced features

Even with the self-managed service you can take advantage of all of the advanced features in Aventus such as closed captions, subtitles, slate insertion and multilanguage support.

Aventus support

The Aventus support team is standing by 24/7 to resolve any issues in creating, processing or publishing your live event.

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Live Multiscreen Events

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