Distribute Personalized Content at Scale

Personalized Channels.
Simplified. Automated.

Deliver Engaging Experiences to Viewers

Viewers want the content that’s right for them – and as a content owner, you want to deliver the most relevant programming for each market and demographic. You also need to be flexible so you can make changes on-the-fly based on rain delays, breaking news, or real-time viewer engagement. With easy tools to automate these tasks, you can focus on providing great content, and not get bogged down with the details.

Distribute Personalized Content Seamlessly at Scale

High-quality 24/7 content distribution comes with fierce demands. Service brownouts or interruptions to a live event can leave fans dissatisfied and damage your reputation. Managing rights and restrictions from content programmers is a complex technical challenge, especially at scale. As an iStreamPlanet cloud service, SwitchCast solves all these problems: capacity planning, capital purchasing, time to market, and policy management.

Get the right content, to the right users,
at the
right time

Personalized Live
and VOD Content



SwitchCast is an iStreamPlanet solution for creating personalized channels and managing complex content rights. With SwitchCast, you can deliver viewer-targeted media personalized by geography, demographic, device type, network connection, and more. Often called an alternative content replacement system, SwitchCast is driven by policy, audience data, and simple API integration with programming systems. SwitchCast fully supports the SCTE-224 event scheduling and notification interface as well as proprietary formats used by our customers' broadcast workflows.

More Options, More Content

  • Create dozens of virtual channels with your content
  • Seamlessly mix live and on-demand content
  • Manage complex content rights
  • Satisfy blackout requirements

Get Local, Get Personal

  • Personalize content by zip code, device type, or audience demographic
  • Improve monetization with targeted local advertising
  • Integrate with your programming system via simple APIs

More Real-time Flexibility

  • Make programming changes on-the-fly
  • Update EPGs accurately with real-time information
  • Adapt schedules for rain delays, overtime, or the unexpected

SwitchCast Workflow Diagram

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An Industry Proven Solution

SwitchCast is a broadcast-quality solution which integrates with iStreamPlanet’s Aventus Media Processing, Atlas DRM and VOD workflows. SwitchCast is a massively scalable cloud solution, and can handle millions of concurrent viewers.

iStreamPlanet understands what it means to successfully distribute premium video content at scale. With over 15 years of experience of delivering the world’s most valuable sports and linear programming, we offer a deep knowledge of the complexities that arise from multiple systems integration.

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