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Media & Entertainment Workflow

iStreamPlanet powers the premium video entertainment that fans want in their daily lives. We protect your content and stream exceptional video quality for both Live and VOD assets. With our managed end-to-end services, you can focus on producing more world-class content and keeping your fans happy.

Aventus + Orbis = Managed Service


media processing suite

Aventus lights up your media supply chain...
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Flexible signal acquisition (satellite, fiber, IP)
  • Fully staffed 24x7 operations team
  • Crystal clear video quality
  • Redundancy in all steps of the media workflow
  • Automate your entire live channel media workflow
  • Industry standard SCTE-35 ad handling
  • Integrated DRM and VOD asset processing
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Aventus Workflow Diagram
Plus Sign with Connector

direct-to-consumer platform

...and Orbis streams crystal clear video directly to your fans.
  • Flexible platform, extensible for your requirements
  • Personalization and recommendations to increase fan engagement
  • Customized, fan-specific advertising (pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and more)
  • Integrated Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)
  • Business logic for regional content restrictions and availability
  • Seamlessly integrated with Aventus Media Processing Suite
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