direct-to-consumer platform

Tightly integrated with the Aventus Media Processing Suite, the Orbis Direct-to-Consumer Platform completes the fan experience. With Orbis, content owners can connect directly with the fan and package content in a way that makes sense. With Orbis, customer insights can be turned into improved experiences and upsell opportunities.

Orbis Features
Orbis Content Management Icon
Content Management

Optimize your CMS for video assets, metadata, clips, highlights, and more. Publish to multiple device types. Manage both live and VOD content. Distribute video content through a comprehensive set of APIs.

Orbis Subscriptions Icon

Package and sell content the way it makes sense for your business. Allow purchase of bundles, pay-per-view events, and recurring subscriptions across devices. Drive increased registration through promotions and discount codes.

Orbis User Accounts Icon
User Accounts

Integrate with social media for registration and login or use the Orbis native login. Securely manage customer preferences, personal data, and app activity to drive business decisions and fan recommendations.

Orbis Entitlements Icon

Enable playback based on multiple criteria including the number of concurrent devices, geography, content rights restrictions, and device type.

Orbis Analytics Icon
Analytics & Personalization

Analyze fan engagement and actions across your apps and services. Collect information on fan behavior including purchase history, engagement time, and frequency of use. Personalize the fan experience based on insights.

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Ad Support

Monetize your OTT solution with mid-rolls, pre-rolls, and more. Target ads based on user profiles and fan preferences.

Fully integrated with our

Aventus Media Processing Suite

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